Mar 9, 2009

Benefits of Learning An Instrument

If the game Guitar Hero has taught us anything, it’s that being a rock star is fun. The fame and fortune are nice, but anyone who is all about the music loves that feeling of nailing the song perfectly or ripping out a screaming solo. And while playing videogames with plastic instruments can be entertaining, few things are as satisfying as actually playing an instrument.

Making music is one of the oldest and most hallowed traditions practiced. One of the reasons for this is that it is simply very pleasurable, not only for the musician, but for all those within earshot as well. When undertaking the process of learning how to play a new instrument, it is crucial to remember to keep it fun. The dedication and hard work needed to master music making will come much more easily if you look forward to the process. For this reason, pick an instrument that interests you. If you like Heavy Metal, try the guitar. If you’re into Jazz, give the piano a shot. Playing the music you like to listen to is a surefire way to stay interested as you progress.

Another great reason to learn an instrument is that it makes you smarter. Studies have proven that musicians have significantly more acute listening and audible comprehension skills. This is important for a variety of reasons, especially when considering that the majority of learning occurs by listening to oral lectures.

Creativity is yet another benefit. Self-expression through music is a fantastic way to relax and relieve stress, and the pathways in the brain that riffing or jamming open up could cross over to many other unexpected areas.

Finally, being able to play an instrument could pay off financially. For example, there are individuals who helped pay for textbooks in college by performing at gigs with bands they met at school. You could also teach someone else how to play and pass on what you’ve learned (for a small fee, of course).

Being able to play an instrument is a skill that can be learned at any point in life, and the benefits will stick with you as long as you keep practicing. And if you happen to make it big, well, that’s not that bad either.

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hawkin54 said...

I play classical piano, and I agree that learning how to play an instrument has its benefits. As a musician, you become well rounded, more creative, and you make a profit if you choose to play in gigs.