Jan 5, 2009

How To Get Creative

Some people love Math class. They love following an equation, changing it, crunching numbers and solving for unknowns. Then there are others who follow a more artistic path, such as drawing, designing, making music, or writing. But whether your dream job is a position in accounting or owning your own studio, creativity can be extremely important. Unfortunately, the Muse is fickle at times. When you find your creativity blocked, you might begin to feel frustrated by a lack of progress.

Ideas will come and go, but even the most imaginative people need to jump-start their creative side from time to time. If your creativity seems to be burnt out, try these techniques to spark it once again.

Any time you feel as if you simply don’t have any more ideas, recognize the need to refocus your energy instead of going in circles. Time you spend getting back your creativity is just as valuable as the time you spend creating.

Next, take yourself away from the problem. Instead of fretting over your work, spend 15 minutes outside walking around. Employ all your senses to wake-up your brain. Your subconscious will still be working on the problem, and you might have a moment of clear insight, a.k.a., an “Aha!” moment.

Try engaging media like the kind you’re trying to make. If you are trying to paint or draw, study the work of some of your favorite artists. If you are trying to write, read some poetry from your favorite author. If you are trying to make some music, listen to your favorite album. The ideas of others could help stimulate the flow of your own.

New pathways of creativity could also help. Instead of painting, try sculpting. Instead of writing words, try writing music. You’ll find that the more creative outlets your brain has, the more creativity your brain will create.

Foster any creativity you might have. Embrace all your ideas. While not every single one will be a breakthrough or revolution, acknowledging any and all kinds of creativity will help your brain loosen up the creative juices for the future. Don’t stifle any thoughts. The key is to let the creativity flow through you.

It’s also important not to be afraid of being wrong
. Without taking any risks, you won’t be original or inventive. In the world of creative thinking, it is the most ambitious mind that takes the glory.

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