Aug 31, 2009

College Relief

For the last few weeks, we’ve been going through some of things students must think about when it comes time to apply to college. From picking the right school to dealing with senior year issues, anyone looking to take their education on to the next level will certainly have a lot on their plate. Fortunately, this post won’t give you any more to worry about- this week we’re giving you short cuts to college relief!

Depending on your goals, admissions can come at a variety of times. There are many different types of admission plans, such as early decision, early action, and rolling enrollment. If you can’t seem to stop stressing about getting into college, consider applying for early action or rolling admissions. These types of enrollment do not require a commitment if you happen to get in, and allow more anxious students the opportunity to get a school “under their belt” should they choose to get things done early. Once you know you have at least one option available to you, those other acceptance/rejections letters coming in the mail won’t seem nearly as scary!

Dorm life could also make things pretty stressful. Maybe you’re not used to living with another person, or maybe your roommate doesn’t have the same study habits as you. One way to make integration into this new lifestyle a bit more relaxed is taking some time to get to know your future roommate. First, get some kind of contact information from your school prior to the move-in date. Then, be the first to engage him or her in a “get-to-know-you” conversation. This could mean a phone call, email, or even a Facebook wall post. A simple “hello” could make the shock of your first day on campus much more easy going.

One final note on tests- practice won’t always make perfect, but it certainly makes it a lot easier! If you are worried about an upcoming exam, such as the SAT, take a quick practice test. Seeing the multiple choice answers, the bubbles waiting to be filled, the wording and phrasing of the questions, and the pressure of a ticking clock could make even the most battle-hardened test-taker choke. Take a second to familiarize yourself, and you won’t get that “deer-in-the-headlights” look when your proctor hands you the workbook.

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