May 4, 2009

Finding Motivation

It can be really hard to get up the motivation needed to complete some of our loftier ambitions. We often feel overwhelmed by the immensity of some tasks, and will give up before we even begin. This is common, and if you find yourself stuck in a rut, try a few of these tips.

Lacking the energy to get up and do something could come from a variety of sources. Perhaps your diet isn’t the best, or you aren’t as in shape as you could be. A quick fix for lack of energy could be a cup of coffee, some candy, or another type of snack. These are all good in the short term as they provide that momentary oomph to get you up and going. However, they will leave you wanting more after a few hours. For long-term energy, look for carbohydrates, like pasta or breads. These will keep you fueled for longer and more steadily, and won’t lead to the “crash” you might get from caffeine or sugar. Try to stay away from foods high in fat, as they will leave you feeling sleepy and unproductive.

While big rewards can come from big jobs, it’s easy to be discouraged when confronted with all the problems that come along with such big tasks. Take each step individually, and focus on one goal at a time. If, for example, you have four papers and a final exam to study for, plan out your time so that you can tackle each individually. You will be more productive and effective if you can concentrate on one as opposed to worrying about everything else.

For long-term goals, record your progress. Motivation is much easier to find if you don’t feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Track how much you have accomplished, where you run into problems, and solutions you find along the way.

Finally, think positively! Focus on the rewards of a job well done. Don’t get mired in the setbacks. Remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

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